Creating different moods in your home can be as simple as adding carefully chosen scents. Whether it’s in a candle, incense, or aroma sticks, scents can have invigorating or calming effects on the entire household.

When deciding what type of atmosphere you’re looking to create, choose your scent based on the age-old science of aromatherapy.

If you just need to kick back, bathe away your stress, or simply meditate then Lavender, Sandalwood or Vanilla could be exactly what you need. But if you’re having a fall or winter party you’ll want something bold like cinnamon or clove for a warm inviting feeling. For a summer party, perhaps a bright scent like lemon or pineapple to keep your guests happy and chatty.

Keep the following basic essential oils on hand. You can also look for candles or aroma sticks that include these essential oils in their list of ingredients.

Lavender – Breathe in this calming scent and prepare to drift off into a calm, meditative state. Be careful when using lavender scented candles; you may find yourself closing your eyes and falling into a deep sleep. This is never a good idea when a fire is burning in your room – even a small one atop the wick of your candle. Therefore, to achieve the calming effects of the scented candle and still stay safe, burn your lavender candle an hour before bedtime. Snuff it out before you climb into bed. Relax and enjoy the calm.

Eucalyptus – These leaves are good for more than a koala bear’s diet. Eucalyptus is a strong minty scent that helps lessen muscle tension, clear the sinuses and bring about an all-around feeling of alertness. It is often overwhelming in large doses, but in smaller amounts, it can be just the scent you need to feel renewed.

Peppermint – The smell of Peppermint is invigorating and makes one feel refreshed. Studies have shown that students who chew peppermint flavored gum before a test get higher scores. Light scented candles infused with peppermint while you re studying for that next term paper.

Lemon – Decrease your stress level and make any room smell squeaky clean by lighting some scented candles or aroma sticks infused with essential lemon oil.

Sandalwood – Think Zen. This ancient aromatherapy favorite lends a sweet, woodsy scent to the room, bringing those who inhale it closer to the earth and thus closer to true fulfillment.

Vanilla – Bring back visions of home by lighting a vanilla scented candle. A sweet reminder of happy days, vanilla delights the senses. Imagine warm sugar cookies baking in an oven, and you have a good idea of the aroma a quality scented vanilla candle exudes. Make sure you do not pair your vanilla candle with one that is designed to invigorate if you are looking to wind down after a tough day.

Those are just a few of the basic scents to start your essential oil collection with. There are many more on the market today to choose from including loads of designer blends  to cover all of your changing moods.

Watch for more posts regarding the power of fragrance coming soon!

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